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Kurt Maxxon is a Stock Car Race Driver who becomes an amateur sleuth in a series of mystery novels.
Keep up with author Jim Overturf as his wife Karen explores the universe and shares their impressions of life in general and what is going on with their myriad projects.


Today is exciting! Exhilarating! Fabulous!

I didn't write anything yesterday. I had just given my critique on the blog of a classmate in Book Blog Tours class, when I realized one of the questions dealt with pages. Pages? Pages!? Back to this blog. I made a sincere attempt at it, thinking I could change all the elements on each page just like you do a web page. Nope. Not on blogger, anyway. When I got back to my main page, all that was left was my followers and my blog entries... oops. So, I spent all of yesterday and some of this morning trying to correct my faux pas...

I hope you like the changes, and the way it looks. Any suggestions from any of you would be great, as my old brain is still in the pen and paper era! (if you think that's bad, some people are worse off than I am!)
Naturally, you'll be thanked for your opinion, but the webmistress (me) has the final say as to whether it goes up or not! LOL!

I am having a blast, though! I enjoy giving my opinion (for what it's worth) and writing on a computer is lots easier than writing with pen and paper, as corrections are only as good as crossing through or starting over with pen and paper. I still remember having to cross through on an old mechanical typewriter!

Life is fun! I was commiserating with myself yesterday afternoon, when someone decided to tell me about her disagreement with her husband over whether they should go to a cabin this year. After about a half hour, I began to feel a whole lot better! Nothing like talking to someone to be grateful for your own circumstances!

My parents taught me to enjoy every morsel of food on my plate. That particular lesson went something like this... "There are children in Africa that have nothing to eat." (They knew I'd never believe them if they told me children in America go to bed hungry.)

My dad loved the phrase from Dr. Seuss.  "Try it, try it, Sam-I-Am. You will love green eggs and ham."

That lesson goes for today. I am blessed! I am thankful, since there are people who do not have the ability to make themselves a part of the economy. They were not taken camping as children. They do not know survival skills. They do not count themselves blessed with whatever they are able to do, that others cannot, or will not. They cannot see a future in which they will wish they had what they have today.

Age makes us all equal. Even though I don't believe that days exist in the energy realm, Carpe Diem!


  1. Oooo! I must hear about these survival skills. You mean like, how to survive if you're stranded in the woods? I love that stuff! Mind you, my main survival skill is "sit down and cry until somebody feels sorry for you," but I love to HEAR about survival skills!

    Marian Allen

  2. Karen,

    I so very much appreciated your constructive comments yesterday, but I could not send out my return comments to you. They are stuck in my computer right now. Hopefully, I'll be able to continue to post blog comments as I read more.

    All the best,

  3. Ok, Marian, I'll talk about survival skills in a post tomorrow. ;)