Kurt Maxxon Racing

Kurt Maxxon is a Stock Car Race Driver who becomes an amateur sleuth in a series of mystery novels.
Keep up with author Jim Overturf as his wife Karen explores the universe and shares their impressions of life in general and what is going on with their myriad projects.

About Jim and Karen

Author Jim Overturf loves to write, hates computers!

Jim and Karen Overturf met many years ago, having separate lives, with separate people. Life, as it is, conspired to bring them together. When Jim floundered with Masonville in 2007, Karen asked to read it and he published it. Together, they decided that Kings Rapids would be done by weekly emails.  Jim was frantic one day, trying to rewrite Kings Rapids when he was told that there was "no action" in the first chapter...

Karen asked why he was rewriting... "What could they have said that made you scrap the whole thing?" she asked.

"There's no catching the reader, no action," he replied.

Karen is Jim's wife, "editor", and now web organizer!
She has a lot to learn!
"It's there...right in the middle of the first chapter," she replied, reading from the manuscript,"I made a 50 cup pot of coffee in the kitchen area of the Driver's lounge, which was only a hundred feet from the crime scene..."

Jim soon proposed to Karen at Mayhem in the Midlands Conference in 2008 with a business card, containing his last name, and her first name. "I figured we're going to get married," he said.

She said yes... a years worth of emails proved the wisdom to her. He's a retired engineering manager, she works as a driver, along with "helping" Jim keep his blood pressure down around the computer. Just like most people her age, need for health insurance rules the day.

She'll retire soon!