Kurt Maxxon Racing

Kurt Maxxon is a Stock Car Race Driver who becomes an amateur sleuth in a series of mystery novels.
Keep up with author Jim Overturf as his wife Karen explores the universe and shares their impressions of life in general and what is going on with their myriad projects.

Our Newest Mystery - Carpentier Falls

Published June 2010

ISBN-10: 1450232655 
ISBN-13: 978-1450232654
Race driver Kurt Maxxon finds two homeless boys scavenging for food. When the boys stumble across the body of Carlos Guerrero, the proprietor of Kurt's favorite restaurant in Carpentier Falls, they run to get "Mr. Kurt." Carlos considered Kurt one of his closest friends, and left a letter behind to alert Kurt to the possibility that his demise was nefarious.

Kurt, as usual, ends up finding out why the boys were homeless, and finds out that their mother had been killed. He ends up helping a less fortunate former neighbor of the boys. Follow along with Kurt as he finds out who killed Carlos, in Jim Overturf's third Kurt Maxxon Mystery, Carpentier Falls.