Kurt Maxxon Racing

Kurt Maxxon is a Stock Car Race Driver who becomes an amateur sleuth in a series of mystery novels.
Keep up with author Jim Overturf as his wife Karen explores the universe and shares their impressions of life in general and what is going on with their myriad projects.


Keeping Track of Your Characters - Jim's workshop at the Muse Online Conference

Jim uses a spreadsheet to keep track of his characters. It does a pretty good job, because there are days I'm reading something of his, and I'll say, "Are you sure that was the # 129 car?" or some such thing. I'll always be sure of Kurt's car. Nikki is number 27!

He'll hand me the printout, and say. "Yes."

Ask a dumb question... so now, I'll read something, and if I have a doubt, I just ask for the sheet, and check it myself. Sometimes it IS a typo! Life is good.

He asked for editing help on his conference handouts. (It's a free workshop for writers, so not a bad deal! If you're interested, just click the title for information.)

Part of the program he prepared is "aging your character" and discussed the issue of aging discrimination against romance writers.

You'll love this humorous bit I found (with Jim's permission, of course):

"To some, the aging question may seem to discriminate against romance writers. Many people believe that romance is for the young--forty-something, tops. While that may be the general misconception of the public at large, I basically disagree, having remarried a couple of years ago at age 68, to a woman 14 years younger. Romance is a matter of the heart, and rightfully should remain as such. With the way things are going, it won't be too long until there will be a demographic group of octogenarians sufficient to support The Nursing Home Romance series."

Hugs, Karen

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  1. Now there's a series begging to be written! I've got big plans for my walker--and even though I don't yet need it I've started scouting around for it. Have it on good authority that it needs to be candy-apple red, and I should probably go for a cane, instead--easier to wack people in the shins. Can I sign up to be one of the series writers?