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Kurt Maxxon is a Stock Car Race Driver who becomes an amateur sleuth in a series of mystery novels.
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Sunday Morning's Armchair travels...

I found some interesting blogs, and a great idea for designing our own blog! If you look in the right hand menu bar, you'll see several blogrolls. Each one is categorized by interests, so if you want more than just writing, or what we have to say, you can visit any one else I've decided to follow! I've put a few into the food blogroll, and will be filling the others soon! I saw some great art!

On the subject of books and writing, though, I found a couple of interesting sites... and I'll be getting to more armchair traveling tomorrow...

http://thebookfetish-mybookfetish.blogspot.com/  This lady has decided she's going to read and review 52 books this year, one for each week. She says she wants to review from how the book makes her feel... which is a fabulous idea... I'm going to head back to her blog to read the rest of her impressions after I post this (maybe not all at once)!

http://www.presenttensejournal.org/submissions/  This was a "referral" on one blog I found, to an online magazine's first issue. It's not for pay, that I can see, but it may be a great place to showcase your non-fiction writing! It is an Academic Journal about Rhetoric in Society, The book reviewed, DANGEROUS WRITING, by Tony Scott, looked interesting, and I'm going to add it to the list of books I want to read!

Now to find the Kindle...

Later, everyone! Hugs! Karen

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